back in philly

nose picking outtake 

There’s a special kind of sadness that happens when you dye your hair and your roots don’t take at all (╥﹏╥)

littlelionmonster asked:
Yooo you and your boyfran should dress me every day and do up my hair

awwww :D that would be fun! I love dressing other people :D

parissexchange asked:
do you also got the 6inch buffalos?

no ;(


I don’t know if I’m comfortable having a tumblr anymore

Anonymous asked:
Where do you usually buy your clothes? o: If it's an online store mind giving me the link?

Mostly eBay 

gengarslosthope-deactivated2014 asked:
Really just wanted to say that you and your boyfriend are gorgeous and your fashion is extremely inspiring, that seems like an odd compliment but both of you just look stunning!

Awww thank you so much! and its a great complement :D


Last year of college in 2 weeks